Why a full rack safety training course is worth the time and money

In this glorious world where technology makes everything quick and easy whether at work, at home saving us stress and even our hard earned money… right?

Technology always has the edge: an email takes seconds to zip across the world while a letter takes days; a few taps on a calculator provides the instant answer when your brain has yet to get going and there aren’t enough fingers to even try.

It’s all too easy BUT relying on technology can let you down with devastating repercussions

Safety training courses can be one of these things

Worryingly, we have seen a few online courses appearing for rack safety training. They of course roll out the typical advantage that learning can be done at an employee’s leisure, saving time and money, and without the trouble of a day out of the business, a quick 40 minutes on a PC skimming through some nice slides, answer a few questions and a certificate prints out that you’re a pallet racking safety expert!

Most of us have been fortunate

We have never experienced a racking incident in the workplace let alone a complete racking collapse.

So a quick online course might seem sufficient to become compliant – especially considering the success of other online courses. We have all heard of courses such in english, maths, science, the list is endless. However, subjects that succeed online are often theory based and have no location or actual physical implications. Usually a misunderstanding of these online materials doesn’t risk the safety or lives of an employee.

Let’s put it into numbers

Between 2014 and 2017, 53,000 people in the UK were reported to have suffered injuries when being struck by a moving object, like an object falling from a height.

Source: http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/causinj/kinds-of-accident.pdf

In 2017 and 2018 alone 23 people in the UK were fatally injured when struck by a moving object, and 16 fatally injured when trapped by something collapsing/overturning.

Source: http://www.hse.gov.uk/Statistics/pdf/fatalinjuries.pdf

The very nature of the fast moving logistics industry makes it susceptible to potential incidents such as falling objects, collapsing structures and workplace injuries – and a pallet racking collapses is one of the most severe and damaging there could be.

So what’s the solution

The good news is these accidents are also some of the most avoidable, when met with a standard of safety training and inspections that meet the high risk stakes faced by your company.

Here at RISC, we cannot stress the importance of a full day racking safety training course with our SEMA Approved Rack Inspectors, drawing on their experience and knowledge and allowing you to ask the questions that relate to your own involvement in rack safety.

RISC’s full day rack safety training courses are regularly held at our Midlands training centre or for your convenience can be arranged on site to suit you.

RISC Rack Safety Awareness Course

So online training courses risk accidents?

We feel that online courses can lead to an overestimated sense of ability, over-confidence and avoidable mistakes. In this case mistakes can cost lives.

Our comprehensive and tailored approach means that in over 25 years of providing passionate, in-depth rack safety awareness courses to over 12500 participants, there have been no pallet racking accidents leading to injury recorded with us.

We’re proud of the partnerships we’ve developed with all of our customers and our relationships speak for themselves. Read some of our feedback here.

Your just one friendly call away to more information, your safety is our business so get in touch on 024 7632 2881 or read more about our rack safety awareness courses.