Sitting here today reflecting on the petrol panic buying of the last few days, having only just recovered from the toilet roll shortage of 2020, this reminds us that life throws an unexpected curve ball once in a while… Whilst always being told to be prepared, how can we be when it sneaks up on you?

We are always receiving calls or emails from potential customers in a panic!

WHY? Well they have an audit rapidly approaching and haven’t had a Racking Inspection carried out either in the last year or ever and this becomes a BIG problem.

Don’t panic… The right call to the right people.

All becomes calm as we ask the questions that soon enables us to understand timelines and requirements and within a very short time we have one of our inspectors booked in to conduct the inspection. The benefits don’t just stop there. Our unique in-house designed Inspection App delivers a FULL and COMPLETE written findings report immediately upon completion of the inspection. The electronic report appears almost instantly in our clients inbox ready for the audit, what’s more the report is SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) and HSE compliant detailing areas of damaged and issues all classified in SEMA’s Red, Amber and Green risk rating even advising on remedial action required.

As for the audit… all goes smooth and no issues!