Search the web? Who the company next door uses?

Then what?

Pretty well laid out web site… Price… Availability?

The truth is simply YOU need a partner to trust!

Only then can you truly have peace of mind that ensures your workforce and warehouse is safe from undue risks and accidents that could prove fatal for personnel and businesses alike.

To guide you through the potential minefield of this important decision, we’ve kept it simple and outlined what you should be looking for to ensure that the racking inspection company you choose will keep you and your workforce safe.

Industry Approved Inspectors

The first thing to look for is the SEMA and SARI logo that proves their industry and technical competence. The Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) is the authority in quality assurance within the storage industry in the UK and Europe, after all they set the industries guidelines.

SEMA Approved Rack Inspectors (SARI) are highly qualified professionals. To achieve the qualification they are required to undertake an intensive training course and successfully complete both a written examination and practical assessment. The qualified inspector must also commit to a programme of on-going CPD (Continuous Professional Development) to maintain this qualification.

Beware of Unaccredited Inspectors

It is possible for a person to attend any of the 1 or even 1/2 day rack safety awareness courses available or that they even know a bit as they are in the racking industry, to perform your rack inspection ‘to SEMA standards’ (Notice the wording, cleverly put don’t you think?)

This is not a potential danger is it? Beware as only SEMA approved inspectors have the proven background, experience, qualifications and the continued development programme that will give you peace of mind.

Rack Safety Awareness courses are not as in-depth, but designed to allow company employees to inspect their own racking using SEMA guidelines and conduct inspections to SEMA standards with no or very little experience.

Even if you stop reading here, it is important to look for a company that has SEMA approved inspectors to conduct your Inspection. See the SEMA Approved Inspector logo below.

SEMA Approved Inspector

A well-established company means a partner for life

You’ll find that a straightforward quality inspection can help a company so much that they turn into an integral fully managed rack safety partnership as a company you can trust. They will have many years in their field with lasting and quality relationships with their customers.

A good way to gauge a company’s customer relationships is to read through the testimonials they share on their website, as well as any industry or Google reviews they have received online, you could even ask another company you know locally.

Do they offer training themselves?

As well as being experts in their field, by offering training themselves you are guaranteeing that the information being passed on to your valued staff is current and importantly… right.

This is not simply ticking a safety box exercise and calling it a day. A responsible inspection company should have the ability to teach and train your staff in racking safety, enabling those working day to day within the environment to observe potential risks before they materialize into anything more, thus ensuring that the workplace is continually safe beyond the annual inspection.

How to choose pallet racking inspectors

Inspection Aftercare

A quality inspection will be followed up by clear report with recommendations in which to improve your racking condition avoiding the costly repetitive damage situation.

The report should be straightforward, simple to follow with no padding or waffle that clearly outlines issues that need addressing. It will use the SEMA RED, AMBER, GREEN risk classification system.

If repairs are needed to be made, a responsible company will be able to provide practical advice for action and assist in your liaisons with a SEMA company trusted to carry out your repairs.

So you’re ready to make that vital decision… Aren’t you?

Bringing it all together, you’re looking for a company that…

  • Willingly prove their years of experience
  • Advertise their SEMA approved inspectors
  • Automatically give you quality customer service
  • Already have long standing customer relationships
  • Able to provide training and support that carries far past a one-off inspection
  • Are not the cheap alternative – You get what you pay for

Most of all, they will have professional, knowledgeable people that are passionate about ensuring your warehouse safety.

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We hope we’ve presented this guide in a simple way to help you see the importance of picking the right partner and the pitfalls of not researching enough. It’s always good to give a prospective company a call for yourself. So why not try with that first call to RISC or enquire through our website? Get in touch