Instant Digital Damage Reports

Your SEMA approved damage report will be with you before we leave site. This allows you to implement essential tasks immediately and effectively plan for the future.

Innovation for Safety & Simplicity

The latest release of the RISC Electronic Inspection System is the solution to the ever changing requirements of modern warehouse safety.

How it works

We’ve combined customer feedback and the latest SEMA requirements to evolve our tablet based damage reporting app to an all new level. It allows our inspectors to build a full report supported by photographs detailing issues and required actions. Our app even refers to previous inspections to recommend strategies to prevent recurring damage.

Detailed Reporting on the Go

During the inspection our fully qualified SEMA Inspector builds your report location by location. Full colour photographs are added to help you understand the exact nature of the problem and explanations of the issues are added along with advice on what to do next.

Reports designed around your needs

We’ve listened to our customers and our reports are still simple and easy to understand. Issues are recorded per location alongside red, amber, green classifications. This key improvement to traditional damage reports means no more by flicking backwards and forwards in over complicated and disjointed reports.

Understanding your Damage Report

As the full report is emailed as soon as the inspection is completed, a debrief will take place, discussing the findings and even going into your facility to visualise and discuss the issues first hand. Immediate action can be taken.

Carefully Documented and Delivered

The RISC Digital Reporting System does away with paper reporting meaning there is no chance of paperwork being mislaid with potentially serious consequences, it’s straight to your inbox before we leave the site. Being digital it is also much simpler to keep current and historical reports together.

Working together to build prevention strategies

We know from our customers that continuity provided by our inspectors leads to cost savings and damage prevention.

Great reporting is one thing but identifying and implementing strategies comes with a partnership.

Combining the experience of our SEMA inspectors and our apps ability to cross reference historical inspection data, RISC are able to predict recurring problems and build a long term partnership to minimize damage from re-occurring.

Building a strong compliance record

By using your historical inspection report data you can collate a strong history of inspection and issue resolutions, vital when evidencing health and safety compliance.

We believe in the philosophy of ‘Keep It Simple’ all through our processes. You think this is a tall order? Try us!