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Rack Inspections

How often do we need a SEMA approved racking inspection?

At least an annual inspection is recommended, however in a busy environment, more frequent inspections may be required, (six or even three monthly) can be carried out by our inspectors.


What happens if we need rack repairs?

At the end of your inspection you will be given a full report including details of any remedial work that needs to be carried out.

You can take this report to any racking specialist or we can provide a quote for our sister company Teccon to complete the work for you.

Rack Inspection Packages

Your rack inspection packages sound good but I don't know which one is best?

No problem. We can arrange for an inspector to make an initial visit and provide a detailed assessment of your storage equipment, together with a cost to carry out an inspection for your maintenance contract on a regular basis.

Rack Safety Training Courses

Will I be SEMA qualified?

This course would not provide your personnel with a SEMA qualification, however they would be trained to carry out an intermediate safety inspection following SEMA & HSE Guidelines.

Where can we have our training?

This training can be carried out at your own site, or you can send candidates to our training centre in Warwickshire.